Why Have your Child Learn how to Code?

Why Have your Child Learn how to Code?


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In an increasingly technological world, computer science skills are extremely marketable. In fact, I know of several high school students who learned to code and who are saving for college or to start a business by doing freelance coding work.

Any student who is able to read can start learning many different coding languages.
Scratch is the best 1st language to learn, yes, it has a low threshold and high ceiling. This block oriented language, lowers the initial threshold for learning to encourage new coders and it has the ability to build very powerful projects. Flappy Bird was prototyped in Scratch.
flappy bird






After your child, has learned the concepts; they can move from block to text based coding. All the computing concepts learned in Scratch translate directly.






“in my vision the child programs the computer and in doing so, both an acquires a sense of mastery over a piece of the most modern and¬†powerful technology and establishes an intimate contact with some off the deepest ideas from science, mathematics and from the art of intellectual model building”

– Seymour Papert 1980


Learn to Code; Code to Learn