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Computer Science is Changing Everything!

Learning to code helps build critical thinking skills.

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Game Maker Flyer isGame Maker flyer Home School v1.2

Classes for kids 9-16

no previous coding experience required ( helpful though)







Learn to make desktop video games  from scratch without any programming!

  • How to think like a game developer
  • About key game elements like sprites, behaviors, audio, and more
  • How to set up different kinds of player interaction, keyboard for desktop games and touch controls for mobile games






Class descriptions below


Advanced Scratch

flappy bird






Once your child has learned how to navigate it’s interface and make simple projects, it’s time to go deeper.

Using Scratch, a visual drag-and-drop programming language developed at MIT, students design their own world and then bring it to life. As they animate characters and develop games, students learn the fundamentals of programming, including conditional statements, variables and event handling. Instructors provide personalized help to engage any learning style so students’ progress at their own pace as they experiment with fun new challenges. No experience is required but students should come to class with an open mind and a willingness to participate fully!


Javascript for Kids

A Playful Introduction to Programming

animate your name





This class is introduction that teaches your child programming essentials through patient, step-by-step examples We’ll begin with the basics, like working with strings, arrays, and loops. Javascript language is the engine that powers the WWW.

This is a great way for them to get introduced to programming. So  whether it’s to build an iPhone app, become a web developer, or automate some parts of their job. javascript is the language to learn.

There is a big demand today for javascript and other programmers.

Learning to code helps build critical thinking skills.




Intro to Game Design


Arduino + javascript Class








Recently featured in MAKEZINE Magazine, Article here

Discover and experiment with electronic components. Read a comic book and learn all about electronics in a simple and engaging manner.

Let the Pod Peeps guide you on their journey across the Island of PodPi and experiment using components, sensors and motors.

Interact with the physical world using your new programming skills. Take on the challenges in each new edition of the PodPi magazine.

Kids will discover #ardunino javascript coding and electronics construction.

The intro kit of electronics components go home with your child a $40 value.

Please pre-load the necessary software.

see this link for details


1 day Arduino Robotics Coding Class

robot car
robot car









Students will learn to code this robot in C++ in the Arduino Environment.

Robot must be purchased separately from Amazon. link is here

Student must build robot completely before class

and Charge batteries overnight

And bring their own laptop to program their robot

If possible, please install the Arduino IDE , the link is here

Elegoo Arduino Project Smart Robot Car Kit with Four-wheel Drives, UNO R3, Link Tracking Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth module, Remote, ect. Intelligent and Educational Car for Teens and Adults



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Here is what the Scratch code looks like to build this project

Go ahead and play with it and when you think you understand it , make your own versions. Using this hand out sceen_shot_fractions_scratch_code sceen_shot_fractions fun-fractions-third

to build your own version of this fraction review

and send me a link of your scratch project  when you’re done. make sure you title the email _scratch_fraction_project Aug 2016

my email is greg at techscool dot org


I’d love to see what you come up with.

Have fun scratching!





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Classes are forming now!




Great graduation day!
Great graduation day!

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