Is this a drop off class?
Yes, students attend the computer lab directly after the end of their school day, and parents may pick up their children when the Lab has ended. Parents are asked not to stay during class because we have found it is stressful for our students. You will still, however, be able to see all the fruits of your child’s labor as their games become available online for each of their completed projects.

If my child is absent for a day or two, is that a problem?
Not at all. Of course, they will miss out on fun creation time, but there is no particular instruction that a student will miss because our teaching style is “just-in-time” – explaining new concepts as each student needs it. Students can just jump right back in when they return.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Programs may be canceled by TechsCool if a minimum enrollment has not been achieved. In the event a program is cancelled, all enrollment fees will be returned. If a family wishes to cancel an enrollment before a program begins, a cancellation fee of 25% will be charged, and the remaining fees returned. If a family wishes to cancel a program after it has started, a cancellation fee of 25% of the remaining days will be charged, and the fees for the remaining days returned

What are the benefits of learning to code?
Our primary objective is to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and math, within the framework of empowering kids to innovate. More concretely, we teach the kids goal-setting, brainstorming, how to evaluate design choices, rapid-prototyping, the importance of testing your ideas and critical evaluation. We also teach structures, mechanisms, and programming. Discussions and concepts in science – come up all the time as kids code and iterate to make their games work.

Math also comes up, especially in the context of programming where logic, number types, units of measure, arithmetic, and functions become important. TechsCool is not a place where we lecture the kids from the front of the class. It is a demand driven approach where we focus on getting kids to ask good questions, and think about problems. It is the job of our skilled teachers to encourage this, and be ready with the right nuggets of knowledge and skill when the opportunity arises. Of course we get the kids started with tutorials as we introduce new material!

Secondary benefits relate to social interaction with kids of shared interests. TechsCool is very collaborative, with pairs working together, class-level discussions and games. This is helpful to build confidence, communication skills and friendships.

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