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2 Summer Game coding classes at Orange Coast college

Write Computer games This Summer @ Orange Coast College


TechsCool is offering an after-school S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program that will introduce youngsters, to creative computing with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Scratch programming tool, using a design-based learning approach.

This S.T.E.M program provides an introduction to creative computing with MIT’s Scratch programming tool, using a design-based learning approach. Creative computing is about tapping into your child’s creativity and allows your child to convert from a consumer of technology to a producer. Students will be able to “read” as well as ‘write in this digital age. Engaging in the creation of computer games prepares youth for more than careers as computer scientists or as programmers. It supports young people’s development as computational thinkers – individuals who can draw on computational concepts, practices, and perspectives in all aspects of their lives, across disciplines and contexts. Seating is limited, enroll early.






(pre-requisite Beginning Scratch class)

Monday-Friday, 2 weeks, 10:00 am – 11:45 am



Fee: $225 each session

STEM Education Workshop

Coding for School Teachers! Come join us!

STEM Coding by Techscool
Coding for School Teachers! Come join us!

2 day workshop convenient to you.
Learn how to integrate STEM into your classroom
One of the many benefits of STEM education is the integration and application of cross curricular content.
This allows students to understand the relationship of the subjects they study.
To be effective a STEM program needs to be fully integrated.








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STEM Education Popular and Important

codeing kids
codeing kids

STEM Education

STEM education is growing in popularity as more people understand its importance in our society. As the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic fields grow, and as there is a higher demand for capable individuals, you are going to see more and more people learning about these fields. Getting in early can help kids to grow up skilled and knowledgeable, capable of getting into the field fully prepared for the work and challenges ahead. If you are hoping to prepare your children for this difficult field, or if they have expressed a desire to get into a STEM field, consider the STEM TechsCool MIT Scratch Programming Coding education learning experience.

STEM TechsCool offers the MIT Scratch Programming Coding to anyone hoping to learn more about programming in a way that is effective and entertaining. It is for students in 4th grade up to 9th grade and it helps them to learn more about programming. It keeps them challenged and entertained, and it continues to provide exceptional education learning. It is a vital tool in the growth of children who are considering the STEM field because of how it can improve their skills without losing them to boredom. On top of its effectiveness, there is also the high retention rate when using this program as opposed to others.

Throughout this program, kids learn things like iteration and conditional states, along with other important programming concepts. As kids develop their skills and grow with this program, they are able to do more difficult work and see greater results. Since it is fun and engaging, kids find it easy to start learning. They are going to go through each of the projects, learning along the way, and actually retain the things that they learn. When they are faced with real world problems or when they are learning these things in class, they are going to be prepared.

This program is widely available to students. It is used in over 150 countries and it is in over 40 languages, ensuring that everyone is going to learn without restrictions. Your child can make use of this program and its exceptional learning experience without trouble due to the language, translation, or availability, which is what makes learning so difficult with other programs. With the importance of STEM education being global, having this available to everyone allows growth of the field in all areas and with all students, regardless of where they are.

scratch game

Learn to code; Code to Learn

What do kids learn today?

Unfortunately not much beyond memorizing some facts and figures.

With the No Child Left Behind policy which is still in effect; Teachers are not allowed to teach anything beyond core curriculum.. That leaves much to be desired.

The California School system recognizes this shortfall and has a proposal before the Dept of Education for Next Generation Science Standards.

Alas, this process is lengthy and will take a minimum of 2 years from ratification ( maybe as early as Sept 2016)  before curriculum is actually introduced into our children’s classrooms.

TechsCool uses MIT’s Scratch programming language to teach kids to code.

What do students learn as they create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art with Scratch?

For one thing, they learn mathematical and computational ideas that are built into the Scratch experience. As students create programs in Scratch, they learn core computational concepts such as iteration and conditionals. They also gain an understanding of important mathematical concepts such as coordinates, variables, and random numbers

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Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media

Hello world!

hi All,


Hello world, seems to be a great starting place for lots of things. Opening a blog,

configuring a digital storefront or checking that your compiler works.


yeah, I’m a coder and an educator.


—here’s a basic Hello world program—

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
cout << “Hello world!” << endl;
return 0;

—end of program—


as you can see it is quite short and simple.

yet it does so much.

and it tests that your programming environment is set up correctly and can compile and produce the proper output..