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New features make remote learning even easier!

Co-Teach with Colleagues

Share the knowledge! Join another teacher’s Tynker classroom or invite your colleagues to join yours to help lead coding classes for students.

Share Login Instructions

Send clear instructions to parents so they can help younger students log in to their Tynker accounts from home.

Send Progress Reports

Send detailed reports to parents to keep them updated on what their students are learning and making with Tynker.

Streamline Communications

With our new Class Stream functionality broadcast tips, add assignments and resources to your students in Tynker classrooms.

Help Students Collaborate

Designate groups of students who can collaborate, communicate, and even share code blocks in Tynker while keeping you in the loop.

Use Pre-Designed Presentations

Make prep time shorter by using our pre-built lesson slides for video and in-person classes.

Get your class up and running in 5 minutes!

Add Your Students

Easily bulk import your rosters with Google and Clever.

Easily send instructions to parents so they can help younger students log in to the Tynker platform from home.

Assign a course and go!

Each course contains interactive self-paced lessons for students.

Make prep time even shorter by using our pre-built lesson presentations with video calls or in the classroom.

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Track Progress Automatically

Tynker tracks each student’s progress.

With one click, send detailed progress reports to parents so they know exactly what their students are learning and making on Tynker.

Access Free Web-Based PD Courses!

Discover coding and STEM activities for all grades.

Easily navigate the Tynker platform to set up your class.

Get ready to run a successful virtual class.

Get pro tips & tricks to support an online learning format.

Proven Success with Remote Learning in over 150,000 schools

See how Tynker has made an impact in student learning and outcomes during COVID-19

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9,000+ schools
122 countries
6+ M students
11+ M lessons


I love using Tynker for distance learning. It facilitates a fun interactive method for my students to interact with coding, STEAM and all the 21st Century skills that they encompass!

Marc Levinson


I am about to start using Tynker on a daily basis with my students during remote learning, and I would like to explore the entire curriculum so that we can continue with Tynker in the new school year!

Antonia Hall


We do coding every Friday for our 2nd-grade classes. If we will be in remote learning for the long haul, we may expand Tynker to the upper grades. Our 2nd graders have been loving it so far.

Shiela Lee


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