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100 MILStudents

5,500+Lesson Plans

100%CSTA & AP Coverage

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Designed with you in mind

Everyone can teach and learn with Tynker

Built for Educators

With award-winning lesson plans, automatic grading tools and easy student management, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

Hands-on Learning

Students learn through videos, puzzles and hands-on coding in our interactive self-guided courses with over 5,500 learning modules.

No experience required!

You don’t have to be a coder. Simply assign ready-to-use interactive lessons for students to complete by themselves!

100% Safe and Secure

Student data is secure and owned by your district. Tynker is COPPA, FERPA, and SOPIPA compliant. Please refer to our privacy center to learn more.

Coding and STEAM courses

A Curriculum for Every Grade

Over 1,600 contact hours of standards-aligned computer science curriculum for grades K-12 with immersive lessons, teaching materials and automatic grading.

Elementary School

A strong foundation with block coding

31 Courses | 990 Hours

  • Icon and Block Coding
  • 200 STEM & PBL Projects
  • Pre-reader Experiences
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Creative Coding
  • Game Design
  • micro:bit & Lego® WeDo
  • Augmented Reality
  • Intro to AI
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Middle School

Real world programming made fun and easy

19 Courses | 1,000 Hours

  • Block and Text Coding
  • 300 STEM & PBL Projects
  • Intro to Coding
  • Web Development
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • MicroPython
  • Augmented Reality
  • Intro to AI
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High School

Career and college readiness with AP CS and more

12 Courses | 1,200 Hours

  • Real-World Text Coding
  • Python
  • JavaScript and p5.js
  • Web Dev with HTML/CSS
  • Art Effects with p5.js
  • Data Science
  • AP CS P with Python
  • AP CS A with Java
  • AI/ML with MediaPipe
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Comprehensive curriculum

100% Compliant with CSTA and AP CS Standards

Grade-specific and self-paced, Tynker’s interactive K-12 coding curriculum lets students learn by creatively applying coding concepts to core subjects. The curriculum includes over 50 programming courses with over 1,600 contact hours.

  • K-5 Grade 100% CSTA Alignment

    39 CSTA Standards are aligned over 30 Tynker courses. See Course Alignment

  • 6-12 Grade 100% CSTA Programming Alignment

    38 CSTA programming standards are aligned over 24 courses. See Course Alignment

  • AP College Board Endorsed

    Tynker is recognized by the College Board as an endorsed provider of curriculum and professional development for AP® Computer Science Principles (AP CSP).

Over 150,000 schools teach programming using Tynker

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy
Steam Village
KIPP: Chicago
Wichita Collegiate School
Palo Alto Unified School District

A Clear Commitment to Privacy and Data Security

Student data is secure and owned by your district. Tynker is COPPA, FERPA, and SOPIPA compliant. Please refer to our terms of use to learn more.

Easy to integrate

Start Teaching in Minutes

Free Professional Development

Tynker offers a variety of free and paid training programs based on your needs. Whether or not you have coding experience, we’ll help you earn PD credits and develop the skills you need to support a K-12 coding program at your school.

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Blue Ribbon Program

We created the Blue Ribbon Training Program to help bring computer science to all. Select educators receive exclusive training, tools, and support designed to help them become coding experts. In return, our Blue Ribbon educators commit to making the coding movement a reality across the globe.

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Built with love in California

Loved by Teachers & Trusted by Millions

Tynker is a wonderful program for taking students from learning the basics of coding to applying their skills in meaningful ways. The ability to seamlessly integrate coding with core content in Tynker has allowed coding to become an effective and engaging tool for our students when learning any content.

Carrie Gooch

Coordinator of K12 Coding and Robotics Program | California US

Tynker provides a fun and engaging platform for our students from elementary to high school. The lessons and activities provide seamless progression and application of skills from block coding to writing complex programs in Python.

Vidya Janardhanan

Curriculum & Innovation Specialist | California US

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What is Tynker?

Tynker’s coding for schools is an online platform that easily and successfully teaches students how to code through the activities they already love: games and stories. Tynker’s goal is to provide every child with a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) thinking abilities to prepare them for 21st century degrees and careers.

How can I use Tynker at my school?

Schools are using Tynker’s grade-specific lesson plans to teach programming in formal Computer Science classes or to support project-based learning across all subject areas — science, math, ELA, social studies and more.

Is it easy to monitor what my students are learning?

Absolutely! We understand how busy educators are, which is why we have a whole suite of educator tools. Tynker has a built-in assessment framework that tracks both student and class progress. You can use the concept map, grading and metrics dashboards to easily track how your students are learning.

Do my students need prior coding experience?

Tynker’s coding programs for schools provide a fun and easy introduction to programming for all students. Grade-specific programming courses allow students to develop skills year-after-year with a gradual transition to traditional programming languages like JavaScript.

What are Tynker Courses Like?

Each of our 100-, 200- and 300-level courses for teaching coding in the classroom consists of 16-17 lessons. Lessons are designed to last one class period (45 min to 1 hr.). As students progress through a lesson, they’ll be working through different types of learning modules.

How does Tynker Support Learning in Other Areas?

Tynker easily lends itself to supporting all areas of learning. Schools are using Tynker as a way for students to demonstrate their understanding of other subjects such as science and math. Tynker’s lessons support and enhance Common Core State Standards.
View Common Core mapping here.

Do I need coding experience or training to use Tynker with my students?

Not at all! No coding experience or training is required. Teachers love Tynker because the self-paced curriculum gets students started on their own. Tynker provides a rich set of resources to answer student questions, such as videos, guides, tutorials, and the very helpful Tynker Troll that provides contextual help for students.

What do My Students Learn with Tynker?

Tynker’s coding for schools curriculum is designed to teach students computational thinking and core computer science concepts. Through Tynker, students learn the fundamentals of programming found in all object-oriented programming languages in a way that’s fun and easy for Students to understand.

Can I Use Tynker with my Entire School?

Absolutely! Tynker’s grade-specific programming for schools curricula teach through activities that all students love!

What are Students Creating?

Students are creating all sorts of amazing projects. Check out some of our favorites in our Kid Creations gallery.

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