Code these games

Code These Games

Design. Code. Play. Kids will love this ebook! 130 pages of easy step-by-step instructions to code and play 15 incredible interactive games that run right in your browser with nothing to install.

Code These Games eBook

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  • Design, code, and play 15 games
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • All game assets included

What Kids Will Learn

Learn to code, one block at a time! With Tynker, coding is as simple as drag-and-drop. These game projects are a blast for kids to program and even better, fun to play with when they're done.

Kids learn about variables, control structures, functions, game mechanics, and so much more while they create real, playable games.

Start with the basics by recreating classics like Flappy Bird and Space Invaders, then move onto increasingly sophisticated games that use randomness, scorekeeping, and physics.

Game Collection

Creative programming challenges help kids extend the games—and invent their own! Once kids know the basics of each game, they can add their own flavor by editing them and creating their own characters and rules. Then, they’ll have what it takes to be a real Game Maker!


A Tour of Tynker

Get familiar with Tynker and write your first program!


Soarin' Strawberry

Create your own version of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird.


Space Shooter

This exciting game mimics the arcade classic Space Invaders.


Supercharged Racer!

A color-sensing driving game, with a boost powerup! Control the car’s speed with variables.


Snowball Fight

This simple target-shooting game introduces collision detection.


Chocolate Tank

Use the keyboard and mouse at the same time to control a tank with a spinning, candy-shooting turret!


Codey the Coin Collector

In this simple game, you’ll use arrow keys to move and variables to keep score!



Learn how to make goblins appear at random locations and intervals. Then bash ’em!


Brazen Invasion

Defend the city against alien invaders!



Use actor animations to create a perspective-based runner game. Avoid the bad guys running toward you!


Star Runner

Program this nimble spaceship to shoot down waves of alien saucers. Blow them up!


Comet Zone

Program this game with a timer, and report how long the player avoids the dangerous comets!


Cupcake Clicker

Take control of variables and math operators by making a clone of the classic Cookie Clicker.


Eat 'em Up

In this large-scale game, program the camera to follow the player's ever-hungry cell.


Stealthy Thief

Make a cool stealth game with several levels.


Plane Dodger

You’re flying in a crowded airspace! Make a game with three difficulty levels, and dodge those planes!

Tynker’s award-winning creative computing platform helps kids develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, intuitive, and imaginative way. See how we can help your child learn to love coding!