Code this art

Code This Art

Design. Code. Create. Kids will love this ebook! 150 pages of easy step-by-step instructions to code and design 18 incredible art projects that run right in your browser with nothing to install.

Code This Art eBook

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  • Design, code, and create 18 art projects
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • All art assets included

What Kids Will Learn

Learn to code, one block at a time!

Tynker makes coding as simple as drag-and-drop. The creative projects in this book are a blast or kids to program—and produce stunning, original art!

Kids create their own art, music, and stories, while learning about variables, control structures, functions, and more. With patient, step-by-step instructions, each one of the 18 coding projects in this book can be completed in an afternoon or less.

Kids start with the basics by creating optical illusions and simple animations, then move on to making their own paint editor, a poetry generator, an Etch-a-Sketch program, and so much more.

Creative coding challenges encourage kids to put their own twist on projects—and code their own original masterpieces!

Art Project Collection

Creative programming challenges help kids design and create art projects! Once kids know the basics of each art project, they can add their own flavor by customizing them.


A Tour of Tynker

Get familiar with Tynker and write your first program!


Optical Illusion

Get acquainted with Tynker’s Drawing Tool, and make actors spin, in this dizzying optical illusion!


Animate Your Name

Animate individual letter actors and get familiar with movement, effects, costumes and the other looks blocks.



Get crafty and code your own memory with digital photos, as if you were using real photos and construction paper!


Photobooth Funbooth

Use your webcam to take dress-up photos. Dream up any costume you like for yourself, then take a picture!


Animating Characters

Learn how Tynker handles a special kind of Actor called rigs and learn how to use the animation blocks.


Triple Rainbow

These three projects introduce the Pen Blocks and show you how to creatively use color in your code.


Flower Power

Use loops and functions to grow your own garden!


Don't Eat Me

Use the pen blocks to draw and erase geometric shapes, like rectangles, ellipses, and triangles.



Learn how to create a 3D worm effect.


Neon Motion Bounce

Use the physics blocks to create original, abstract art!


Vanishing Point

Create perspective in animations and code, just like a Renaissance artist.


Scrolling Starfield

Code a seamless scrolling parallax background with multiple layers, simulating depth.


Animated Greeting Card

Code your own animated greeting card, then publish it and share it with your family and friends!



Recreate the classic drawing toy, using messages and received values to build a user interface.


My Art Studio

Create a paint editor of your own! Code an interface and a background-switcher.


Viking Poetry Generator

Learn how to use lists and manipulate strings to create your own original poetry!


Stepping Feet Illusion

Impress your friends with this mind-bending optical illusion!


Pulsing Pointer

Make a mesmerizing grid of bouncing Actors that all point towards your mouse.

Tynker’s award-winning creative computing platform helps kids develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, intuitive, and imaginative way. See how we can help your child learn to love coding!